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Transparency | PNOC Renewables Corporation

The Company

PNOC Renewables Corporation (PNOC RC) is a fully owned subsidiary of state-owned Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC). Organized in March 7, 2008, it is the newest PNOC subsidiary.

PNOC RC will be the primary vehicle of PNOC in promoting, developing and implementing new and renewable energy sources in the country. Through renewable energy, the country would be able to reduce its dependence on imported oil, while mitigating climate change. Renewable energy is an important component in the country's drive towards energy self-sufficiency, security and independence


PNOC RC's mandate is to promote and undertake research, development, utilization, manufacture, sale, marketing, distribution and commercial application of new, renewable, non-conventional and environment-friendly energy sources and systems including but not limited to solar, wind, water heat, steam, ocean, tidal, biomass, biogas, chemical, mechanical, electrical, synthetic, agricultural, and other natural, fossil, or non-fossil fuel based, artificial, organic or otherwise, and of energy systems that use new, renewable and any energy sources applying new and efficient energy conversion and/or utilization technologies for commercial application and promote their efficient utilization.


PNOC Renewables Corporation will be a catalyst and prime mover for Philippine renewable energy development by 2030.


To provide clean and renewable supply of energy that enhances the quality of life of the Filipino people and achieve inclusive growth;

To practice fairness and transparency in our relationship with our customers and stakeholders;

To support the communities where we operate by providing sustainable livelihood and environmental programs; and

To empower our employees and promote their general welfare.

Core Values

Performance Driven
Social Responsibility

Transparency Reports

1. On Institutional Matters:
(a) Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
Amended By-Laws
(b) General Information Sheet 2015 (GIS) (b) General Information Sheet (GIS)
(c) List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates
(d) Government Corporate Information Sheet 2015 (d) Government Corporate Information Sheet 2014 (d) Government Corporate Information Sheet 2013
2. On the Board and Officers:
(a) List Of Director And Officers With Attached Resume
(b) Compensation Package of all board members and officers
(b) Board Committee Membership (c) Board Committees membership information and activities
(d) Attendance record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings
3. On Financial and Operational Matters:
(a) Latest annual Audited Financial and Performance Report within 30 days from receipt of such report
(b) Audited Financial Report in the immediate past three(3) years
Audit Report 2014
Audit Report 2013
Audit Report 2012
Audit Report 2011
(c) Quarterly, and Annual Reports and Trial Balance
As of March 2015 (Unaudited)
As of September 2014 (Unaudited)
As of June 2014 (Unaudited)
As of March 2014 (Unaudited)
Trial Balance
Trial Balance as of December 31, 2014 (Unaudited)
Trial Balance 2013
Trial Balance 2012
Trial Balance 2011
(d) Corporate Operating Budget (COB)
Corporate Operating Budget 2015
Corporate Operating Budget 2014
Corporate Operating Budget 2013
Corporate Operating Budget 2010, 2011, 2012
(e) Local and Foreign Borrowings
Not Applicable
(f) Government Subsidies and Net Lending
Not Applicable
(g) All Borrowings Guaranteed by the Government
Not Applicable
(h) Any Material Risk Factors and Measures Taken to Manage Risks
Risk Factors and Measures Taken to Manage Risks
PES Form 3 Monitoring Report For The 4th Quarter Of 2015
PES Form 3 Monitoring Report For The 3rd Quarter Of 2015
PES Form 3 Monitoring Report for the 4th Quarter of 2014
(i) PES Form 3 Monitoring Report for the 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2014
4. On Government Matters:
(a) Citizen's Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements
(b) Performance Scorecard
Performance Scorecard 2015
Performance Scorecard FY 2013-2014
Performance Scorecard 2013
(c) Organizational Chart
(d) Manual of Corporate Governance
(e) CSR Statement
(f) Balance Scorecard 2015 (f) Balance Scorecard 2014
5. Such other information or report that the GCG may require:
System Of Ranking Delivery Units And Individuals (a) No Gift Policy
Strategy Map Strategy Map 2015 Strategy map
Programs and Projects(Executive Order No. 43) Priority Programs/Projects under the Five Key Result Areas (Executive Order No.43) 2011
Performance Agreement Performance Agreement 2015 Performance Agreement 2013-2014
Procurement Annual Procurement Plan 2016 2015 APP Annual Procurement 2014 Annual Procurement 2013
Statutory Liabilities Receipt of payment of Statutory Liabilities Statutory liabilities 2014

What We Do


The Philippines is experiencing a strong economic growth, registering a GDP of 6.81% in 2012 and 7.2% in 2013. Our country's economic performance is better in comparison to some countries in the region and is being recognized by the international investment community as evidenced by the successive upgrades in our credit ratings.

 However, coupled with this growth, the Philippiens must also confront alarming environmental challenges. The continuous use of fossil fuels to feed the growing industries of our country adds to greenhouse gases that directly contribute to global warming, resulting to extreme weather conditions. According to a United Nations report, our country ranks third in the list of countries that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The recent onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan, a category 5 super typhoon, demonstrates this all too well.

Fossil fuel presently remains to be the most economical source of energy, but its adverse environmental impact impels us to find alternative sources. With the right government policies, clean and renewable energy such as solar, hydropower, wind, geothermal, and biomass can be viable and sustainable alternatives. Hence, the Philippines must strike a balance -- a right and sustainable energy mix -- that sustains our economic development and helps mitigate the impact of climate change.

Republic Act 9513, otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, strives to find that balance by encouraging the research, development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy sources through government support and incentives. In support of this government policy, PNOC Renewables Corporation was established in 2008 to act as the government arm in promoting, developing, and implementing new and renewable energy sources in the country.

PNOC RC is embarking on an ambitious program of being instrumental in the government's goal of tripling the renewable energy capacity by 2030. On its own and in partnership with public and private institutions, PNOC RC shall pursue renewable energy projects that will be beneficial to the Filipino people.

Board of Directors

Antonio M. Cailao

Antonio M. Cailao — Chairman

amcailao@pnoc.com.ph (02) 789-7662
Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan

Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan — President & CEO

cpgatmaitan@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Sultan Ashary P. Maongco

Sultan Ashary P. Maongco — Director

apmaongco@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Bernard Paul M. Ponferrada

Bernard Paul M. Ponferrada — Director

bpmponferrada@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Evelyn M. Paulino

Evelyn M. Paulino — Director

empaulino@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Maria Carmina E. Cruz

Maria Carmina E. Cruz — Director

mcecruz@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Ebert T. Bautista

Ebert T. Bautista — Director

etbautista@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 840-3080
Gladys N. Nalda

Gladys N. Nalda — Corporate Secretary

gnnalda@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3080 loc. 8883

Key Officers

Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan

Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan — President & CEO

cpgatmaitan@pnoc-rc.com.ph (02) 812-0991
Pedro L. Lite Jr.

Pedro L. Lite Jr. — Vice President for Operations

pllite@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8890
Gladys N. Nalda

Gladys N. Nalda — Vice President for Corporate Services

mtcabad@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3080 loc. 8883
Josephine Cassandra J. Cui

Josephine Cassandra J. Cui — Chief Planning Officer

jcjcui@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8883
Arolf C. Empino-Suyom

Arolf C. Empino-Suyom — Legal Manager

acempino@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3080 loc. 8885
Marchellie O. Balay

Marchellie O. Balay — Finance Manager

mobalay@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8894
James E. Zaragosa

James E. Zaragosa — Accounting Manager

jezaragosa@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8883
Maria Teresa C. Abad

Maria Teresa C. Abad — General Services Department Manager

mtcabad@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3080 loc. 8883
Pamela M. Cea-Borlaza

Pamela M. Cea-Borlaza — Business Development Manager

pmcborlaza@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8894
Marcial Nicanor V. Aragones

Marcial Nicanor V. Aragones — Project Manager

mnvaragones@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3080 loc. 8885
 Noel T. Guillan

Noel T. Guillan — Project Manager

ntguillan@pnoc-rc.com.ph 840-3079 loc. 8895
Wilfredo Porfirio F. Dalipe II

Wilfredo Porfirio F. Dalipe II — Project Manager